We're hiring PHP developers

About us

We have developed a Supply Side Platform and exchange, where we connect Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) screens to online Demand Side Platforms. it is now possible for advertisers to enrich their online strategy with outdoor reach based on real time information. This innovation enables advertisers to implement DOOH in sync with mobile, video, display and social from one DSP. Time targeting to specific audiences is now fully automated, for example, based on available data it is known when students, business travellers or shoppers use public transport most intensively. Advertisers can now actively target these specific groups at specific times. With the added possibility to bid solely when a train arrives at a station using kinect technology, claiming optimal audience retention from travellers departing the train.

We provide access to a broad inventory of screens, including: shopping malls, metro stations and highway screens. This gives advertisers a wide range of options for targeting and optimisation in their campaigns. Using programmatic media buying and Real Time Bidding on our Exchange drastically changes how advertisers target their audience in an outdoor environment.

About you 

You will work closely with our team to develop high performance, highly scalable, custom applications for the web. You will support, extend and/or enhance existing codes, identify areas that can be improved, and deliver solutions from start to finish. You have a strong desire to continue improving your skill sets and to stay on the cutting edge of software development. 

What you really need to have:


You have high standards of quality of code.

2+ years of web development experience or incredible talented

Experience with PHP, jQuery, CSS, Java / Clojure, Nginx and Git

Proficiency with MySQL or other flavors of SQL

Familiar with linux servers
Experience with API's and web services

Get in touch with us by sending your CV to jobs@myadbooker.com