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Apply for integration

Apply here for integration. Based on your application one of our integration specialists will contact you to explore your needs and requirements.

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Share location information

Data readiness is key in programmatic. The data availability and accuracy has a direct effect on your CPM pricing.

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Start earning with programmatic

MyAdbooker web container is easily scheduled in your existing loop.  With our creative approval software you remain in control of who can advertise on your network.

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Manage inventory, availability, pricing & data

Using the MyAdbooker SSP dashboard helps you manage your inventory and easily handle location pricing and data. Within the SSP you can create and manage direct deals with advertisers.

High speed integration with industry solutions

MyAdbooker runs as a hybrid system within your exixting Signage Software Solution

Unlocked a new way to generate revenue

Activating programmatic advertising unlocks a new way to generate revenue on your digital inventory. Connecting to online buyers and advertisers making your screens available to new budgets and new brands.  

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