QuantumLoop is the first fully programmatic Signage Software Solution. Using the latest in webbased technology we have designed QuantumLoop as the future of signage technology. QuantumLoop refreshes the publishers approach to loop scheduling by utilising the power of programmatic. We let go of the binary loop and introduce the Quantum loop. 

QuantumLoop is available on widely used operating systems including system on chip solutions. 



In the binary loop the loop structure is created by adding multiple content items. And the content displayed in the loop does not change to the next loop. This works fine for linear content but creates a schedualing nightmare with ever increasing flexibility demands from buyers and advertiser. 

The QuantumLoop structures lets you assign who has access to a share of voice in the loop. With all content being handled programmaticly you create a situation where every subsequent loop can display different content based on the programmatic bid. Fully embrasing flexibility, while still enabling linear playout. The challange of managing flexible content and linear content is managed by our advanced algorithm. 

A new generation of signage software

For a new breed of publisher

screens connected

million hours of content per week