Experience Online Out Of Home

Programmatic Revolution

Established in 2012, MyAdbooker has been at the forefront of Programmatic Digital Out Of Home technology. Launching the worlds first DOOH SSP and running the first ever true programmatic DOOH campaign.


Manage Programmatic inventory

Publishers can manage what inventory is made available for programmatic buying by simply schedualing programmatic within the existing signage software solution.

CPM based pricing

DOOH reach is modeled per day per hour per ad slot. Giving an accurate representation of views. Programmatic DOOH is charged as a prive per 1000 views (CPM).  

Location based targeting

With all DOOH inventory being individualy addressable based on latitude and longitude, location targeting is made easy. Most connected DSP’s offer GEO targeting options for DOOH. 

Real-time reports

Campaign progress and inventory is available in real-time giving both screen owner and advertiser direct insight in campaign and network progress. 

Time targeting

Step away from liniar advertising by using time targeting to address your audiece when it is best represented. Reducing campaign waste and showing your content when it is most relevant. 

Conditional targeting

Conditional targeting based on online data such as search results, web-visits,, weather or traffic data is made accessible. Only trigger your campaigns when the conditions are right.

A unique way to target

MyAdbooker enables advertisers to purchase Digital Out Of Home inventory trough online Demand Side Platforms for highly adaptive outdoor campaigns.

Connected Demand Side Platforms

We’ve connected with industry-leading Demand Side Platforms.

Online to Out of Home

The MyAdbooker Supply Side Platform allows publishers to manage what inventory is made available for programmatic by simply scheduling programmatic within their existing signage software solution. Making their screens available in the online realm.